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Day Positioning - Arm & Hand Supports


Initially designed when coping with long term supine nursing of neurological patients. This simple unit effectively encourages shoulder flexion with arm extension.  However, we are finding an alternative use for clients with general postural problems such as shoulder flexion as well as lateral support, gives effective stability for those with MS, MND, general spasticity and, of course, stroke patients.


Mini Amy

A smaller version of the Amy with all the benefits, suitable for smaller patients up to 7 stone.



Hand and arm elevation support, coping very effectively with fluid retention, particularly with oedema.



For upper limb elevation, the KARA supports the entire limb evenly encouraging circulation and tone.  With the narrow end near the shoulder, excellent support is provided to assist drainage of oedema.  Conversely, if the KARA is turned round, the highest elevation supports the shoulder creating warmth to the entire limb, being particularly beneficial to stroke patients.

Medium Pad

This unit can be used for supporting the arm / shoulder when sitting in an easy chair.  Giving the correct height, it supports the shoulder.  The length allows the arm to be extended so supporting the hand.  Ideal for stroke patients or those with oedema.

N.B.  In all pads the warmth emitting from units increases circulation and reduces muscle spasms.