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Day Positioning - Head Support

Neck Pillow

Due to the extended ‘peanut’ shape of this unit, a stable, firm support can be given to centralise the head.



This unit gives greater lateral support than the NECK PILLOW.  Effective when head control is needed in a wheelchair. Alternatively, can be used in rebound therapy, or for physiotherapy sessions.


Mini Hazel

This smaller unit now caters for the young child, giving gentle lateral support.  Can be used in therapy sessions to maintain a mid line position.

Chin Support

Fits comfortably under the chin, providing equal pressure along the jaw line.

The unit still allows lateral tone to be maintained.

For aesthetic purposes a scarf can be used to cover the unit, however, the unit is subtle in itself.




This is a graduating height unit to gently elevate a client when sleeping.  Its channelled characteristic is designed to maintain the head and neck in a mid line position. The unit must be positioned under the shoulder blades to achieve stability and correct elevation.


Mini Alex

A smaller version of the ALEX unit, with all the same benefits.


Micro Alex

An even smaller version of the ALEX unit, with all the same benefits.