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Day Positioning - Lower Limb Elevation


This unit offers complete support of the entire limbs reliev-
ing vulnerable pressure areas. The thermal aspect of the
unit encourages circulation. The moulding ability prevents
side rotation, therefore encouraging limbs to relax. Sup-
ports from the back of the knees to the feet, at the correct



Designed to give both legs support with a gradual eleva-
tion when nursing a patient on long term bed rest. This
unit encourages venous return for patients with poor cir-
culation and relieves pressure areas on the heels. Ideal
for uses in cases of foot drop and fluid retention. This unit
is also showing its suitability and benefit when used for
prone positioning of the young child.


Medium Pad

When the MEDIUM PAD is used in conjunction with an
existing foot rest, the correct height is achieved support-
ing the entire leg including the knees.

Medium Pad for Contractures

Contractures of the knees up to 110 degrees can be sup-
ported by the MEDIUM PAD, in some cases, even with
fixed deformity muscle spasm can be reduced.




When safe manual handling and tissue viability are in-
compatible, the ALISON unit has been proven to reduce
staff injury and increase patient comfort with the reduction
of pressure areas. The unit fits neatly against the under-
side of a semi-reclining patient. The top of the wedge is
flat and contours to the shape of the patient’s knee, with-
out obstruction of blood flow. The compact, lightweight
and easily transported unit can be used effectively both in
a clinic, or in the community.


Mini Alison

Same as for the ALISON, only smaller dimensions.



The SAM unit was designed to give total leg support without rotation to include ankle and foot support. This unit also provides adequate adduction for the majority of clients when side lying.  Either with knee flexion, contractures or straight legs.  SAM was designed to compliment the EILEEN range when used for side lying. When in position the leg height is in alignment to the hip.  Suitable for a leg length of up to 36 inches.


Mini Sam

A smaller version of the SAM, with all of the benefits, suitable for a leg length of up to 30 inches.


Micro Sam

An even smaller version of the SAM, with all of the benefits, suitable for a leg length of up to 20 inches.



The ascending gradient of this unit elevates the lower limb to prevent fluid retention e.g. long term bed ridden patients, leg in plaster cast etc. and afterwards to reduce swelling subsequent to injury or traction.  Patients with lymphoedema also benefit as the leg is completely supported from behind the knee which prevents hyper-extension of the knee joint.