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Day Positioning - Obstetrics


Suitable for adults up to 14 stone and up to 5' 10" in height.  Ideal for respiratory problems, allowing the chest to be expanded.  The holding and moulding characteristics allow people, especially those with limited control of their trunk, to feel secure and therefore reduces the panic situation and gives dignity. This unit is ideal for those with spinal problems, a kyphosis or scoliosis.  The entire upper region is totally supported, therefore spreading weight evenly.  CASPIAN has also proved its benefits for use in obstetrics, especially during labour.  When the CASPIAN is face down (or inverted) the angle created gives an effective height for postural drainage.  Patients relax on this unit as there are no hard surfaces to endure.



This unit has the same application as the CASPIAN, but also copes with people over 12 stone and over 5'4" in height. This unit will also assist patients with ankylosing spondylitis.