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Day Positioning - Rebound Therapy


Visible reduction of high tone and the reduction of muscle
spasms are soon observed, over the entire body. Extremely
good for prone posturing. Because of the unique support,
side rotation and sliding down the unit are eliminated.
Whilst prone, good shoulder flexion can be achieved. Head
control has also been witnessed, therefore giving the client
a new environment coupled with freedom. Visible extension
of the spine is another good feature. Supine lying offers an
alternative position, which can be varied slightly to give a
sitting position.



A smaller unit suitable for children, giving the same benefits
as the CORAL.

The CORAL and GUSTAV units are ideal for use in sensory
rooms and for use in rebound therapy, the holding and
moulding ability is maintained when used on a trampoline.



The BECCA was designed after being requested by a re-
bound centre for a unit to give good support to a therapist
when working with a client on a trampoline. It has been
stated that not only does it give good support, it also elimi-
nates the need for a second person to assist the therapist
whilst working with the client in a sitting position. Also ideal
for supporting clients who need balance control, both on a
trampoline or in ordinary therapy sessions.
There are two sizes available:
BECCA 2 - hip sizes of up to 36”
BECCA 3 - 36” hips and upwards


This unit can accommodate knee contractures as well as
curbing external rotation or scissoring. LEANNE helps to
maintain a mid-line position as it gives both adduction and
abduction. Ideal for situations where supporting flexion of
the knees is required. The LEANNE can be used for day or
night time periods. Due to its light weight, the unit stays in
position during rebound therapy sessions, thus giving com-
fort and stability to the client.



Mini Leanne

Designed for the same applications as LEANNE, but coping
with small adults and children.



This unit gives greater lateral support than the NECK PILLOW.
Effective when head control is needed in a wheelchair. Alterna-
tively, can be used in rebound therapy, or for physiotherapy ses-


Mini Hazel

This smaller unit now caters for the young child, giving gentle
lateral support. Can be used in therapy sessions to maintain a
mid line position.