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Night Positioning - Side Lying




Developed for the control of a back extensor spasm.  The length of this unit supports into the nape of the neck, down the entire spinal column to the sacrum.  The shape of the unit moulds around the person’s form creating warmth and extremely firm back support, therefore coping with an extreme back thrust. The inclusion of the flap holds the unit in place due to the body weight of the client.
It has been found that for general requirements of side lying, the unit holds the patient very effectively, but also comfortably.
When placed in front of a patient this would cope with a flexor spasm.  It has also shown great benefits when side lying a patient to assist in drainage of a lung. This unit is showing its benefits and ability with neurological clients, as well as general spasticity.



Mini Eileen

Designed for positioning smaller / younger patients (under 4' 6") with exactly the same benefits and applications as for EILEEN.  However, if isolation only is required the MINI EILEEN is quite capable of holding an adult.  Side rotation has also been seen to be curbed, either with one unit in position or with two.  In certain cases a MINI EILEEN can be used to control side flexion whilst sitting or lying.


Micro Eileen

The same benefits and applications apply as for the EILEEN range, but designed for paediatrics.


Units used in combination, for example MINI EILEEN with a MICRO EILEEN are proving to be very effective in side lying requirements.  The combination controls both extensor spasms and flexor spasms, resistance to this combination by clients, especially children, is rarely seen.

Micro Eileen1


In addition to the above units, the SAM range compliments an optimum stable side lying position supporting legs and feet.

Micro Eileen2




The SAM unit was designed to give total leg support without rotation to include ankle and foot support. This unit also provides adequate adduction for the majority of clients when side lying.  Either with knee flexion, contractures or straight legs.  SAM was designed to compliment the EILEEN range when used for side lying. When in position the leg height is in alignment to the hip.  Suitable for a leg length of up to 36 inches.



Mini Sam

A smaller version of the SAM, with all of the benefits, suitable for a leg length of up to 30 inches.

Mini Sam


Micro Sam

An even smaller version of the SAM, with all of the benefits, suitable for a leg length of up to 20 inches.

Micro Sam